G3&G5にかける思いとこれからを、浦和工業株式会社 代表の小山達也社長へインタビューしました。






We, URAWA, machine manufacture, also want to be an artist who empathize with nail artists.

NAIL EX interviewed Mr. Tatsuya Koyama, President of Urawa Corporation, about his thoughts on the G3 & G5 and the future.

“Since 1996, we have been manufacturing machines for dental laboratory, industrial, hobby use, and so on. Nail machine was also one of our fields. We have been engaged in the entire process from development to manufacturing, sales, and after-sales service. We have absolute confidence in the quality of our products, especially since some parts are processed with a precision of a few thousandths of a millimeter at the maximum.

 On the other hand, I always felt that the design of our machines was too industrial.  With this in mind, I am now proposing new color machines that would match the nail salon.

I myself have a strong preference for color, so I have made many color samples, combined them, and researched new colors of the machines.

At first, we experimentally made about 40 types of URAWA logo stickers, and after examining the overall and body colors, including the stickers, this new color products were born.

 Three new colors will be released from G3 for Professional which is very popular in the nail market. Since existing G3 colors are standard, new G3 colors are a little more aggressive than existing based on the thought that we will release machines of different colors next time.

We have designed Navy matte and solid look with a calm and luxurious feel.

I hope ladies who prefer a cool atmosphere, as well as male nail technicians the growing number of, will like it.

And the red color, which evokes the image of a classy, high-class adult lady, will surely be liked by those who hold it in their hands.

Finally, we designed the pink to create a healing type, soft atmosphere. I compared more than 10 different pinks for this purpose.

For the G5, since the current model was only available in black, we developed a standard white color and a pink color popular among ladies.

Since the G5 is a table top type, we have used ladies’ appliances such as a hair dryer as references to create an atmosphere that would match the nail salon.

Fortunately, G3 and G5 are favored by many nail technicians and nail artists in Japan.

I believe we have created a colorful machine that can be used and favored by people overseas as well. “

“Factory tour of URAWA” made in Japan
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