“Factory tour of URAWA” made in Japan

Manicurist Shinobu and Erina

URAWA G3&G5は信頼・安全の日本生産、ネイルマシンと言えばG3というほどネイリスト支持率トップのURAWA製品。今回は、ネイルメディア”NAILEX”とEX MUSEのerinaさん(@peilnail.erina)&Shinobu(@me_naillls_)さんと特別にネイルマシンのオピニオンリーダーURAWAの工場内部見学と貴重なお話を伺ってきました。

URAWA G3 & G5 are produced in Japan with reliability and safety and URAWA products are a top drawer, when it comes to nail machines, the G3 is the most popular. We had a special tour of the URAWA nail machine factory and a valuable talk from Urawa staff with Ms.erina(@peilnail.erina)& Ms.Shinobu(@me_naillls_)from nail media “NAILEX” and EX MUSE.


This is where the nail machines are made. This time, we will be shown a production process for the handpieces. We were surprised to learn that the fine parts used in the handpieces are machine-cut one by one from a long bar of metal.


In the assembly department, motors are checked for vibration blurring which is fine tuned by the technician until it is OK. These checks are the reason why URAWA machines are highly accurate and continue to be loved.


Repairs and maintenance were also carried out in the same factory. They receive nearly 800 requests for maintenance and other services per month. As with vehicle inspections, daily care of the machine is important!

URAWA G3&G5に待望のNEWカラー登場!


G3 for Professional

Small, lightweight, portable machine, launched in 2008, with a maximum of 10 hours on a 2-hour charge. Maximum speed of 20,000 rpm.
Current range of five colours (white, black, champagne gold, silver, metallic pink) and three new colours are added red, pink and navy.


G5 High Performance Nail Machine

Desktop type, high specification machine with 28,000 rpm.
Recommended not only for nails but also for foot care. Optional specification for foot pedal operation.



President Koyama is the most decorated URAWA machine in the world!
During the development of the new colours for the G3 & G5,as he tried out various things, his obsession and love for the product grew so much that the president himself created a custom sticker that can be attached to the controller (body).This product is not for sale at the moment, but he is a company and a president full of URAWA love who continues to develop initiatives to help manicurists become more attached to their machines!

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